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     proudly owned and operated by family team.


                          Tanya (Tatiana) Kravchenko- Myers --

 biologist,  groomer,  photographer & award-winning artist .

Schnauzers are her "only and forever" love.

She is a breeder and used to be show-judge & handler in Russia.

Author of "schnauzer articles" in specialty magazines.

Working with the breed for almost 20 years .

 Hobbies: art, gardening, travels, outdoors, horses.


              James Myers  -- Tanya's husband and

very busy professional. His two general functions

in the kennel are:

 1) Bringing of things from the point

"I want another room for puppies"

 to the point "Here is your room"

by building, welding and whatever

other technical miracles he can do.

2)Spoil the dogs.                                                                                               

             Hobbies: hunting and shooting.



 Ira (Irina) Kravchik- McDunnell --

Tanya's  long-term breeding/show companion and co-owner .

 Professional dog trainer  and animal behaviorist.


             Hobbies: holistic care & natural practices and hobby-farming.